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Pre & Post Surgical Support 

There are times in life that you as a woman need another woman’s support. Many woman find that when they are scheduled to have a cesarean section, hysterectomy, uterine ablations, or other female related surgeries that their spouse and other friends and family members may not be able to help support them in all the ways needed before and after surgery.

This is where I come in!

I believe every woman should be able to have the peace of mind in knowing that she can recover at home and with someone who is there to support her throughout her recovery.


  • Before surgery we will meet and discuss what support you desire to have post surgery

  • Support on the day of your surgery

  • Customized post surgery support

  • Organizing transportation, meal prep and picking up of prescriptions

  • Assist in making sure you are comfortable post surgery

    This way you can rest and recover!