Postpartum Doulas are professionally trained in maternal healing and recovery, newborn care, feeding, and development, and promoting bonding between parents and their infants.

Coming into the home during the fourth trimester following birth, the doula’s role is to provide education, nonjudgmental support and companionship; and to assist with newborn care and family adjustment, meal preparation and light household tasks.

 Postpartum doulas offer evidence-based information on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from birth, infant soothing and coping skills for new parents and can make appropriate referrals when necessary.”

Taken from: DONA International Position Paper

Studies show that cultures in which women feel secure and are cared for by others and are expected only to nurture themselves and their babies during this time period have superior outcomes in postpartum adjustment.  Women who are given support have greater breastfeeding success, greater self-confidence, and less postpartum depression than those who do not.


A Postpartum Doula Can Help With….

  • Caring for the mother as she recovers from birth

  • Processing her birth experience

  • Screening for postpartum mood disorders

  • Breastfeeding support and help with latching and positioning

  • Bottlefeeding tips, as well as bottle and pump cleaning and sterilization

  • Changing diapers, both disposable or cloth

  • Baby wearing assistance, education, and demonstrations

  • Swaddling baby

  • Soothing strategies to reduce crying

  • Sleep education and routines

  • General newborn education for parents

  • Light housekeeping, nursery organization, laundry and food prep

  • Provide resources and referrals for professional services to assist in mother or baby’s healing process (massage, chiropractor, pediatrician support, IBCLCs, support groups, ect.)

  • Care for baby when parents want to shower, nap, or spend some time with their older child(ren)

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My Qualifications and Experience

  • Certified Postpartum Doula (BAI)

  • Certified Sacred Postpartum Holistic Practitioner

  • Advanced Breastfeeding Skills Support training

  • B.S. Counseling Psychology

  • A.A. Child Development

  • Certified in Pediatric and Adult CPR and Emergency First Aid

  • Mother of four children


Postpartum services are available within a 20 mile radius of Dumfries VA.

Ala-cart Pricing: $30 per hour


Welcome Home!

8 Hours


  • (2) 4-hour visits the first week after birth

  • Imagine taking a healing herbal bath and then a long nap while your newborn is cared for. You wake up and are served a nourishing meal. Your questions and concerns are answered, and advice is given on infant care and postpartum recovery.

  • Help with recovery, newborn care, light housekeeping, nursery organization, unpacking hospital bags, meal prep, and settling in at home.

  • Phone, text, email support for all your questions and concerns.

Baby Basics

12 Hours


  • (4) 3-hour visits during the first 2 weeks after birth.

  • Learn the basics of newborn care and receive assistance with postpartum recovery to get your family off to a good start.

  • Phone, text, email support for all your questions and concerns.

Nurtured Care

16 hours


  • (4) 4 hour visits during the first 2 weeks after birth.

  • A smoother, easier start to life with baby.

  • Physical healing and recovery for you, emotional support, expert newborn care and guidance, light housekeeping and meal prep.

  • Phone, text, email support for all your questions and concerns.

Postpartum Support Packages make an excellent Gift!

Grandparents who live far away and cannot be there to help, coworker group gifts, or added to your baby registry.  Give the gift of support to someone you care about!  Ask about purchasing a Gift Certificate.

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