Pamper me support.jpg

Pamper Me Support 

Sometimes in life you just need an extra hand and someone to help you concur everything that life has to throw at you! Sometimes we all have days were a little extra love and support is just what you need to feel like you again.

Imagine…taking a day to just relax! You don’t have to worry about things getting done.
You call into work and take a personal day to recoup. You give me a call…I come over to your home. I arrive with some flowers & chocolate. This day is all about YOU!
We sit and chat for a bit. Then I can draw you a bubble bath and light some candles. You can sit and read your favorite book or listen to some relaxing music.
While you are doing this I will start your laundry. Tidy up your living room and kitchen. Change the sheets on your bed. Lunch will be waiting for you after you get out of the bath. We chat some more and then as promised you can go and take a nap. Meanwhile I will prep your dinner. Run any errands that you have to get done that day.

Doesn’t that sound AMAZING?


  • Cooking

  • Light House Cleaning

  • Running Errands

  • Someone to talk to

  • Someone to take care of YOU!!