Local Resources for Pregnancy & Postpartum

I would love to be able to provide my clients and their families with all things related to pregnancy and infant care, however I want to keep my focus on what I do best and that is Childbirth Classes, Birthing, Postpartum, Breastfeeding, and Bereavement Support. 

I have taken the time to make some valuable connections with others in our Washington County community that are experts in their field. Below you will find a list of those I recommend along with their direct contact information. Please be sure to tell them that Birthing Days sent you! 


Birth Center

Bereavement Support

Belly Casting

Body Work

  • An Integrated Life Julia Shannon ph# 503-707-6549 address: 4730 SW Macadam Ave Suite 201-J Portland, OR 97239

Car Seat Check

  • Adjoyn In home car seat check Any Rainbow ph# 503-308-3492 address: Portland, OR

  • Forest Grove Fire Department ph# 503-993-3240 address: 1919 Ash Street Forest Grove, Oregon 97116

Cesarean Support

  • ICAN ph# 800-686-4226


  • Bridge To Health ph# 503-747-6980 address: 5920 NE Ray Cir #140, Hillsboro, OR 97124


  • Ancora Counseling Kara Radecki LCSW ph# 971-238-4408 address: 233 NE Main St. #211 Hillsboro 97123

  • Mind Tree Harini Sukumaran ph# 503-766-4895 address: 5440 SW Westgate Dr # 210
    Portland, Oregon 97221

  • Kenton Wellness Cooperative Catherine Bice ph# 503-285-6227 address: 8315 N Denver Ave Portland, OR 97217

Diastasis Recti Repair



  • Debora Schaffner ph# 503-914-9001



  • Magnolia Family Clinic Mary Grabowska ND, LAc LM ph# 503-236-6006 address: 2207 NE Broadway Suite 200 Portland, OR 97232

  • Moon Sisters Midwifery Desiree Long & Kyla Patterson-Carstensen ph# 503-567-8813 address: Hillsboro, OR

  • Portland Natural Birth Mirra Nerenberg ph# 503-432-7379 address: 1836 NE 7th Ave, Unit 103 Portland, OR 97212


  • In Health Dr. Crysta Hannan, ND ph# 503-357-3074 address: 4150 Pacific Avenue, Suite 300 Forest Grove, OR 97116

  • Balanced Family Natural Medicine Lara Martin ph# 503-747-3096 address: 620 SE Oak St. Suite E Hillsboro, OR 97123


Pediatric Chiropractor

Pelvic Care


Placenta Encapsulation

  • Perfect Circle Erin Chowdhury ph# 503-888-1501address: Hillsboro, OR

  • Krafty Keisha Keisha Long ph# 503-708-2123 address: Forest Grove, OR

Prenatal Massage

Reproductive Therapy

  • Willow Tree Wellness Kinè Fischler ph# 503-281-0030 address: 1607 NE 16th Avenue, Portland, OR 97232

Sleep Coach