Gift Ideas for New Mom

I get asked all the time what are some good ideas for gifts to give to a new mom. So, I thought I would take a few minutes and share with you some of my favorite ideas.

Gift ideas for new Moms.
  • Postpartum Doula Support: This is probably my favorite thing on this list. You can arrange with Mom-to-be a few meetings with postpartum doulas to see who she likes the best. Then you can pay for however many hours you want the doula to support Mom. A postpartum doula provides support for the new family. She is able to help with breastfeeding/bottle feeding, she is there to let mom rest and recover. She also helps with baths and diapering. Most postpartum doulas also does light house keeping, meal prep/cooking, and run earns,.

  • Maid Service: it is nice to have a clean house when you come home from the hospital or even a couple weeks after you bring home baby. If maid service is out of your budge, then organize a cleaning crew to go in a couple of times to clean.

  • A Food Train: This is a great idea. You can get friends, family, neighbors, and co-workers involved. You have them sign up for a night to bring in dinner or you can even do freezer meals. Another great idea to go along these lines is to do a gift card for restraints. A good tool to use to organize this is Sign-Up Genius.

  • Mommy care basket: Fill a basket up with candles, chocolate, bubble bath, some fuzzy socks, and a good movie.Offer to watch her little ones while she takes and bath and watches her new movie.

  • Profession Photo Shoot: A lot of families would love to have professional photos of their new baby, but they can’t always afford it. This is a gift that that will be a great family memento.

  • Grocery Shopping: This is something that has become a lot easier to do for others. A lot of stores are offering pickup services. You can either have mom (along with your help) write a list of what she needs or have her go online and order the food. You can then go and pick it up for her.

  • For he Siblings: If there are older siblings you can give them a basket of fun things to do like coloring books and crayons,books, play dough, bubbles, puzzles, movies, and snacks.Or you could invite them over to have a play date or take them to a movie.

    Now that your mind is bubbling over with fresh ideas for gifting a new mom, surprise her with one today! You’re sure to make her day.

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Kim Sabin