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The journey to parenthood is an exciting, transformative, and overwhelming time.  There are so many choices to make, discussions to have, and questions to be asked.

As your doula, my hope is to provide guidance to help you navigate through the process of pregnancy and birth.  I am committed to helping families as they make decisions prenatally and come alongside you to support you as you grow your family.

By understanding your unique needs I am able to provide unbiased, judgement free support.  If this is your first baby, your last, or a child in between. Whether you choose to birth at home, a birthing center, or hospital. I am here to join you on your journey to meeting your precious new little one.

I am formally trained as a Birth + Postpartum + Bereavement Doula, Childbirth Education and more. I am here to help you navigate the twists and turns on the road to parenthood. Whether you’ve traveled this road before or it’s your first trip, rest assured that I will be there to guide you.

Free Consultation

In order to have your best birthing experience, it's important to surround yourself with people whom you trust and help you feel comfortable. 
Contact me for a no obligations interview to see if we are a good match. I would be honored to be part of your birth team.

Sweet words from my clients…

“I learned more about childbirth from my meetings with Kim than any class or book. She helped me prepare for labor and gave me the confidence I needed to have a natural, unmedicated delivery. I felt empowered by her. During my 12 hour labor Kim was a constant support by my side. I couldn't have planned a better birth!” ~ Tara

“The talk Kim and I had prior to my birth was very helpful for me in preparing for the birth. Kim was amazingly supportive at my birth and I’m so glad she was there. I will never forget leaning into you while laboring in the backyard & being surrounded by your Mama energy in a moment I desperately needed it.” ~Ish

“I wanted someone who would always remain beside me and provide knowledge, understanding and calm. Kim did just that and I’m deeply grateful for the part she played in my birthing experience. Plus, she constantly followed up with me and offered support in the weeks following delivery to make sure all was going well.” ~Tami